Writing the results section in a research paper


Writing the results section in a research paper

The results section of a scientific research article presents the main findings of the study. It is based on the analysis and methods used to collect the data. These findings are presented in a logical order without bias or interpretation by the author. This allows the reader to interpret and evaluate the results in the Discussion section. The Results section serves a major purpose. It breaks down data into sentences that explain its relevance to the research question(s).

Each study is different so there is no standard approach to structuring and writing the results section in a research paper that presents findings. This section's content and layout will depend on the research area, the design of the study, its specific methodologies, and the guidelines provided by the editors of the target journal. The following steps can be used for most scientific research studies. They are important for new researchers who are preparing a manuscript or need to refresh their memory on how to create the Results section.

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